Monday, 6 April 2009

Anti Social Use of Vehicles

Inconsiderate use of cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters etc. was a big issue for residents and businesses within Micklefield. Speeding along the ‘top’ section of Micklefield Road was identified as well as the nuisance caused by mini motorbikes in the park areas, on the roads and in the woods. Untaxed vehicles and abandoned cars also caused concerns.

In response to these problems, one of the partners in the NAG- Thames Valley Police, have conducted road checks in the area and other operations aimed at enforcing Road Traffic law and dealing with illegal vehicles. A number of vehicles have been seized due to the driver not being insured or driving without a licence and other offences have been dealt with by the issue of tickets or summonses to Court.

The NAG continues to work on this priority and we invite any information about where current ‘trouble spots’ are and what these problems are.


Drugs were highlighted as being a concern of community members. A number of areas were highlighted as being a problem. One of these areas- the Phone Box at the top of Gayhurst Road, even appeared in the local press!
As a result of these concerns, action has been taken to target Drugs. The Police have conducted a number of searches during their Operation Falcon, causing disruption to dealers and users.
The NAG encourages members of the Community to report any suspicious activity- numerous short visits to addresses, vehicles and people hanging around parking areas, exchanges of small packages and money etc. to Police via the usual numbers or to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Is there still a problem with drugs in Micklefield? If so, where should the NAG concentrate their efforts? What can we do to tackle the problem?

New NAG e mail address

As you can see at the side of the page, the NAG has a new e mail address. This has been kindly provided by Thames Valley Police to ensure security of information. The purpose of this address is to allow members of the community to tell us about what is going on, in exactly the same way as in the blog, but in a more private environment. We can also respond to these e mails if required. We urge you to continue using the blog, as that is a public forum.

The Police have asked us to stress, the e mail address is NOT for reporting crime or incidents to Police. This should be done by phoning 08458 505 505 or 999, whichever is appropriate.

Anti-Social Behaviour - Lance Way

At a recent meeting of the Neighbourhood Action Group it was agreed that the area of Lance Way was suffering from higher than normal reports of Anti Social Behaviour. The group are now looking at what can be done to reduce and if possible stop this anti social behaviour. We would welcome any positive ideas about what could be done to enhance the area for the benefit of all. The group has no alliance to any particular organisation and is made up of local residents, council, housing associations and police. As such they can link in to a vast number of people for the good of the community. Please let us know your thoughts, ideas or experiences.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Untaxed Vehicles

One of the things that annoys a lot of people and rightly so, is untaxed vehicles. We invite you to use this post to log untaxed vehicles. Please provide vehicle details and where they are and we will pass the information along to the right people.

Friday, 2 March 2007

ASB - Priority around Corals

This first priority has concluded at this time. This involved tackling the gatherings of groups drinking and intimidating the public in the vicinity of Corals bookmakers. The NAG worked closely with Corals and other local shops who were very supportive of helping the community to make the area better. Both Corals and Metro Food and Wine have set up a specific plan to deal with offenders and this will be supported by the police. The feedback is that this has improved to such an extent that the NAG has moved to focus on a new priority. This will be monitored continually and revisited if needed. Please let us know your thoughts.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Anti Social Behaviour by persons

This relates to activity that affects your quality of life. This could be groups of young people hanging around, being noisy and causing a nuisance, gatherings of people being intimidating, abusive etc.

The NAG has taken this subject as its first priority. Police have engaged with local shops and, by working with them, posters have been produced reminding customers to be mindful of the effect they have on neighbours. The NAG has written to the Bucks Free Press and a letter has been published which encourages community members to report incidents of Anti Social Behaviour.

Has there been any improvement? What are the worst areas? What more can be done to improve the situation?